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Nov. 5 Forum: “Outside In” Health IT

Designing “Outside In” Health IT Measurement Frameworks November 5, 11:00 a.m. EST. Register here. Is it possible the IT world doesn’t know what the new health system will need to accelerate and improve the implementation of the ensemble of practices identified through Stakeholder Health? November’s Forum conversation will featured the latest IT discussions of the Stakeholder Health working group […]

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Come to the Table, Atlanta

ProMedica and the Alliance to End Hunger Present: Come to the Table Friday, November 14, 2014 The Carter Center, Atlanta A message from Randy Oostra, President and CEO, ProMedica and Ambassador Tony P. Hall, Executive Director Emeritus, The Alliance to End Hunger: Earlier this year, ProMedica and the Alliance to End Hunger hosted a national summit […]

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Neighborhood Economics Workshop

November 12-13, Louisville, KY The Center for Interfaith Relations is proud to sponsor a two-day workshop on Neighborhood Economics, hosted by Social Capital Markets and the Parish Collective. Neighborhood Economics will explore the topic of whole communities and how to build economic resilience at the local level. This two-day event features keynote talks by Walter […]

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Backbones versus hearts

        By Gary Gunderson Words matter. Indeed, words are a kind of matter—with weight, velocity and power—especially when we talk with others about our life journeys. This became vivid in two days with Stakeholder Health partners in Washington, D.C. Recent Stakeholder Health meetings were held in the halls of power of the […]

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Forum: Dr. DeMont Discusses Trauma’s Toll on Health

October 2014 Due to technical difficulties during the presentation, we do not have an original recording. However, Dr. DeMont has graciously re-recorded the presentation. Click link to view: Trauma’s Toll on Health: A Community-wide Response. When Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Indiana looked deeply into the results of their Community Health Needs Assessment they witnessed a powerful […]

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When You Don’t Need an Ambulance

Another great story from NPR and Kaiser Health News. This time it’s about what happens when you call 9-1-1 to ask for medical help. “When a fire department gets a call for medical help, most of them scramble both an ambulance and a fully staffed fire truck,” reports Eric Whitney. According to the story, South Metro […]

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Forum Sept. 3—CommunityRx: Connecting Health Care to Self-Care

Listen to the audio of the presentation here & view the presentation slides here. CommunityRx is an innovative program that connects patients in doctors’ offices and clinics with health and self-care resources in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood. It is funded by a 2012 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Health Care Innovation Award. Learn more about their e-prescribing technology embedded […]

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ACA and Faith-based Hospitals

  An article in the Baptist Standard, Obamacare changes the way faith-based hospitals deliver care, says that no matter one’s opinion, the new law has made an impact on healthcare delivery. It says that while there’s agreement that the law “is far from perfect, healthcare providers don’t have the luxury of watching all the wrangling from the sidelines.” […]

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