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June 13, FaithHealth Learning Forum

SAVE THE DATE Monday, June 13, 2016 Winston-Salem, North Carolina The Learning Forum is an introduction to the FaithHealth movement as it continues to take shape in North Carolina, and specifically through the Division of FaithHealth at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. This day-long event is designed for congregational, community and health leaders who want […]

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Hospitals: Change agents for health

By Tom Peterson Helping Americans move to better health seems like an impossible, quixotic dream. But it is possible. And because of their unique size and role, health systems could hold the key. The more than 5,000 hospitals have a combined budget of $3.8 trillion. Combined they are country’s second largest private employer and individually are […]

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Stakeholder Health practices

Stakeholder Health Practices

    By Molly Miller If you take a close look at any organization, regardless of whether they are operating in the private or public sector, you will usually find that their mission and goals are attained through a tried and true set of best practices. Stakeholder Health is no different. While we operate as […]

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Stakeholder Health 101

        By Molly Miller When people are introduced to new concepts or organizations, such as Stakeholder Health, their natural instinct is to ask questions. Who came up with this idea? What is this organization all about? Why should I be interested? How will it benefit me?  You may be reading about Stakeholder Health for the […]

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The Stakeholder Way

    By Gary Gunderson Stakeholder Health is a fellowship of learners making its way through the tangled guild-ridden thickets of healthcare, public health and community. Those thickets have roots deep in the rich soil of healthcare economics, which now account for nearly one-in-five of every dollar that will change hands in the U.S. this […]

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Health in America is a Wicked Problem

By Tom Peterson In 1973 Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber, two U.C., Berkeley professors, published a paper describing Wicked Problems. They said that the traditional scientific approach doesn’t work in solving social problems. Problem solving in the industrial age focused on efficiency, and the challenges our scientists and engineers address are similar. They all focus […]

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