10 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Healthcare Access


1. Transportation

Hospitals and other groups have developed a myriad of ways to get people where they need to be when they need to be there

2. Food

To promote health through better eating, hospitals can start inside their own walls and quickly join forces with healthy food efforts in their communities.

3. Mental Health

Removing the barriers to mental health access is key to reaching the millions of Americans who are affected by mental illness every year.

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Stakeholder Health is a learning collaborative of health systems and other institutions advancing the profound changes needed for just, equitable, and effective healthcare by joining partners at scale. We convene partners at scale to maximize learning and impact • Work with a lens of science, our faith, and a commitment to anti-racism • Help each other learn what matters in achieving health equity, always in partnership with community •  Share our insights through conversations, writings, and platforms such as podcasts and webinars


AHA: Boards and Equity Competencies

AHA: Boards and Equity Competencies

      Maria Hernandez, Karma Bass and Stakeholder Health’s Dora Barilla start their article point to an interesting trend: “in 2019 only 25...

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speak life gunderson

Embedded First Responder Chaplaincy

A New Book by Glenn Davis and Teresa Cutts

First Responders are our most valuable but also most vulnerable public servants. The many stressors of their jobs are life-altering and greatly impact the quality of life for them and their families. They serve and protect us daily, often putting their health and even their lives in peril.

This book shares in depth the work of the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s First Responder Chaplaincy Program’s (FRCP) team members. It includes the FRCP’s history, devel­opment, staffing and training, and is a comprehensive, descriptive and quantitative effort to highlight and value its work.

Thriving Together and Shared Stewardship: A Conversation


We believe ordinary people in every walk of life, along with organizations, already have the vital capacities they need to step into meaningful roles as shared stewards of well-being. This conversation explores the transformative power of acting as if everyone can be a steward.


Hosted by: Plexis Institute, Social Justice Initiative at UTEP, Think Health & Rippel Foundation, Leading Causes of Life Initiative, Stakeholder Health, Epidemic Leadership

Books from Stakeholder Press

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God and the People: Prayers for a Newer New Awakening


A new book by Gary Gunderson

Published by Stakeholder Press


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10 Questions Boards can Answer to Advance Equity

American Hospital Association

By Somava Saha, Dora Barilla, and Karma H. Bass

COVID-19 has served as a wake-up call to the inequities experienced by underserved and historically marginalized populations

The Role of Community Health Weavers in the Micro-geographies

North Carolina Medical Journal

By Gary Gunderson, Teresa Cutts and Jeremy Moseley

The young field of community health work is moving into adolescence… born and sustained particularly at micro-geography levels.

Leaders offer 7 standards of excellence in community health investments

American Hospital Association

By Dora Barilla, Ira Byock, Tyler Norris

Health care systems must partner in effective community-based approaches in caring for populations. Here are some considerations.