About Stakeholder Press

Stakeholder Press Business Model

29 July 2021 

Stakeholder Health is a nonprofit that among other things publishes books as part of its mission (operating under the 501(c)3 FaithHealth Innovations)

  • The book publishing program is called Stakeholder Press
  • The print-on-demand or e-books are published at no cost to Stakeholder Press
    • (unless it’s a Stakeholder Health project)
  • An editorial committee will accept or reject projects or manuscripts
  • The owner of the project is responsible for all costs, and pays them as incurred
  • Stakeholder Press will periodically send author book sales funds due, if applicable
  • Stakeholder may choose to solicit authors for specific projects


What Stakeholder Press offers to an author

  • Marketing and distribution through Stakeholder network
  • A place for work to be seen by public, including a target market
  • Visibility for their work to potential gigs
  • A “reputable” publisher
  • Hand holding through the publishing process
    • Connecting to editors, designers, etc. if needed
    • Author is directly responsible for any hired work
  • The author is responsible for providing clean, edited copy, that is laid out for print on demand (unless the publishing group negotiates something different)
    • Stakeholder will help manage the printing processes as negotiated for
      • Print on demand from IngramSpark or Amazon
      • E-books
    • SP gets at least 50 percent of book sale profits
    • Stakeholder Press (through FaithHealth Innovations) coordinates finances, costs, royalties


Publishing Values (to be developed)