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“We’re changing the center of gravity from the hospital to the home and the community.”

Henry Ford Health System CEO Nancy Schlichting at the April 4, 2013 convening of leaders in Washington, DC

Stakeholder Health is a voluntary learning collaborative of some 40 plus participating health systems and invested institutions calling for operational transformations that will align with the profound changes occurring in all aspects in the provision of health care.

The learning collaborative was sparked by a series of stakeholder meetings convened by the White House Office and HHS Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and is administered by a secretariat housed at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

The Stakeholder Health members have committed to continue exploring approaches to dissolve the walls between healthcare and health, between hospital and community, and to find true cost savings in the process.

“We see the social complexity of patients as an asset, not just a problem; the community as relevant partners, not just needs; and the money needed to address the issues is money already being spent—on less effective charity care.”

Maureen Kersmarki of Adventist Health System in Orlando, Florida