AI vs. human brain: The ultimate list for healthcare access

Apr 19, 2023 | Healthcare Access | 1 comment

I asked ChatGPT how to address a healthcare challenge. Look at its response below. What do you think? How well did AI do? —Tom Peterson


Q: How can hospitals improve healthcare access? Please list 10 ways with a one-sentence explanation. We’re especially interested in (but not exclusively) low-income, vulnerable people in the US.


  1. Expand hours of operation: Hospitals can extend their hours of operation, including weekends and holidays, to improve access to healthcare for those who work during regular business hours.
  1. Offer transportation services: Providing transportation services such as free shuttle buses or subsidized taxi rides can help low-income individuals access healthcare.
  1. Provide language services: Hospitals can offer interpretation and translation services to non-English speakers to ensure effective communication and better health outcomes.
  1. Implement telehealth services: Virtual consultations and remote monitoring can help to expand access to healthcare for people living in rural or remote areas.
  1. Partner with community organizations: Partnering with community organizations can help hospitals to reach vulnerable populations, such as homeless individuals and those living in poverty.
  1. Create financial assistance programs: Hospitals can develop financial assistance programs to help low-income patients pay for healthcare services.
  1. Increase cultural competency: Hospitals can invest in cultural competency training to better understand and meet the needs of diverse patient populations.
  1. Offer preventive care services: Providing preventive care services, such as vaccinations and health screenings, can help to reduce the burden of chronic diseases and improve overall health outcomes.
  1. Establish mobile clinics: Hospitals can set up mobile clinics to provide healthcare services in underserved areas, such as rural communities or urban neighborhoods.
  1. Reduce wait times: Implementing strategies to reduce wait times, such as appointment scheduling and same-day appointments, can help to improve access to healthcare for all patients.


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1 Comment

  1. Eileen L Barsi

    AI did well repeating many of the strategies we’ve implemented over the years. I would add the following:
    Support the education of healthcare professionals to bridge the gap in long term care, in home support services, adult day health care, outpatient case/care management, and chronic disease self-management.


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