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Time in a battle

          By Jim Cochrane Things take time to gestate, and there is no guarantee they will make it. They will need good earth and water to grow well and strong. This is one way of seeing the work of Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC), whose newly appointed Clinical Director, Elias Burboa […]

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Love in Public

San Diego Harbor across from where the American Public Health Association met.   By Gary Gunderson If hospital systems are like yacht clubs, public health people would live unnoticed in one of the Winnebago’s across the parking lot (that’s ours on the left)). Why would anyone choose a career so likely to end up in […]

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Data and Hope

By Gary Gunderson I headed north in order to head west in order to drive east. The day in Hartford with one of the great insurance companies in the land turned out to give me a key to the whole trip. Hartford is not a party town with entire city blocks dense with actuaries thinking […]

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SH Podcast Episode 5, Dora Barilla & Gary Gunderson

    Gary Gunderson & Dora Barilla Dora Barilla is Group Vice President, Community Health Investment for Providence St. Joseph Health, Senior Fellow for the Institute for Health Policy and Fellowship at Loma Linda University Health. Gary Gunderson is Vice President for FaithHealth at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Secretary of Stakeholder Health and author of […]

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