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Moving Beyond Collective Impact


Collaborating for Equity and Justice: Moving Beyond Collective Impact


By Kevin Barnett

Since the publication of the first article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in the winter of 2011, the Collective Impact model as articulated by the consulting group FSG has taken the field by storm, garnering kudos and substantial financial support from the philanthropic community, government agencies, and a broad spectrum of organizations in the private sector.  This new article in Nonprofit Quarterly examines a number of issues that have emerged as challenges for many in their efforts to practically apply the Collective Impact model.

Among the key issues discussed are insufficient engagement and power sharing with diverse community stakeholders, a lack of attention to structural racism and associated socio-economic inequities, and a disinclination to identify and directly address policies and systems level obstacles to meaningful and sustainable change.  Collective Impact has played an important role in advancing a focus on collaboration, but our shared efforts to transform our communities requires a willingness to take on difficult issues and make necessary adjustments along the way.

Here’s a link to the article.

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