Crafting Better Messages for Public Health

Aug 12, 2019 | population health, public health | 0 comments

The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice has launched a new video series called Management Moments with Public Health Leaders. The series promises to publish bi-monthly interviews with authors appearing in the journal. The series is hosted by Dr. Ed Baker, a former Assistant Surgeon General in the US Public Health Service and former Director of CDC’s Public Health Practice Program Office,

While we all are aware of the benefits of public health, says Baker, “convincing populations of people with a broad range of personal values, political opinions, or other deeply held beliefs of that fact has become increasingly more difficult.” This first video features a number of Stakeholder Health friends: Gene Matthews, Gary Gunderson, Sue Lynn Ledford, Scott Burris and Lizzie Corcoran.

Check out the first offering HERE.

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Crafting Richer Messages and Being More Credible Messengers

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