Jonas Salk and Ebola of Health

Nov 2, 2014 | About Stakeholder Health | 0 comments

image2Stakeholder Health’s Gary Gunderson has written a piece for Life about Life on the possible viral spread of health.

Reflecting on Jonas Salk’s 100th birthday, Gunderson says,

Salk’s key insight, hopeful for humans and constantly troubling for managers of institutions, is that health can spread quite like a virus. This makes sense as both health and disease are phenomenon that reflect the biological, social, psychological and spiritual dynamic of human life. That life–our life together–is one.

“Could the positive mystery called “health” spread like that, too?” asks Gunderson.

Could we create such a rich and inviting set of conditions, so perfectly aligned with human capacities and energies that health would challenge our politics, faith, business and family to keep up with the new reality?

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