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September 11, 2014 – September 13, 2014 all-day
Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
1265 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
Niels French

The seminars help you explore how your community could adapt the lessons learned in Memphis. The Congregational Health Network (CHN) is a partnership between Methodist Healthcare, congregations and other relevant community entities in the Memphis area designed to address health issues by increasing the congregation’s and the hospital’s ability to care for their members and the surrounding community.

The CHN is a living, working transformative model of care based on covenanted partnerships between Methodist  Healthcare and about 500 congregations. Known as the “Memphis Model,” the work of the CHN blends intelligence about how faith works best for health and in health systems. “Blended intelligence” refers to the integration of community wisdom, hospital data streams, academic research and the best practice knowledge from local and international partners.

Memphis Model Results

The CHN helps about 4,000 patients per year. Early CHN patient data shows that there is a 50% reduction in mortality, a 20% reduction in hospital readmissions, and a savings of over $4 Million dollars to the hospital in costs. On all patient diagnoses, the average CHN patient showed approximately 120 days longer between readmissions to the hospital, compared to control patients out of network.

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