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Faith in Health Conference, Sept. 5-6, Howard U, Washington, D.C.




Faith in Health: Reasons, Risks & Responsibilities

A conference for:

  • Those who seek a deeper level of relationships with community partners who share our Spirit in this moment of crisis and hope
  • Participants of the collaborative learning process of Stakeholder Health
  • People of influence within the communities of faith who share that mission
  • Public partners in government or philanthropy who have a passion for those possibilities

Save the Date: September 5-6, 2017

Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Begins with worship at 1:00 on Tuesday, September 5 • Special experience of music and word on Tuesday evening • Conclusion around 4 pm on Wednesday, September 6

No cost to attend, Space is limited, RSVP required.




The Investing Partners of Stakeholder Health invite you to join a dialogue on what’s possible for the healing of our communities. Our organizations are already on mission, and many have been for over a century. In recent years, we have explored how science and our mission make it possible to hope for much greater health and healing, even amid the tumult and confusion of our times. We have come to this conviction: we will need a deeper level of relationships with our community partners who share our Spirit in this moment of crisis and hope.

Please join us on September 5 – 6 on the sacred ground of Howard University. And please protect Tuesday evening for a special experience of music and word to help us discern the moment that calls us.



This September convening will be built on the collaborative learning from the 44 Stakeholder authors who generated the book Stakeholder Health: Insights from the New Systems of Health. Those “new systems,” are emerging between formal public health and conventional healthcare.

Public Health now speaks of itself as version 3.0. at the same time more progressive hospitals are beginning to focus on “population health.” We are drawn to the positive social drivers of health at large scale, of which communities of faith are an expression. Our faith partners already know a great deal about the full array of problems in our 21st century communities, including, of course, what we think of as health.

In fact, most health systems were invented by communities of Spirit. But we think these faith communities may be surprised by what hospitals have learned is possible, especially as we create new forms of collaboration. The faith-based healthcare institutions are now vast — measured by staff and annual budget — often dwarfing the institutions that gave them birth. But even these large institutions are no match for the social drivers of suffering. Nor are they equal to the opportunity that comes from potential drivers of well-being.

This is why we seek a deeper relationship — one built for what we can jointly see is now possible — drawn not by our experience-based fear but by our reality-based hope.

The September convening will be an opportunity to explore the implications of what we’ve been learning with those in positions of influence within the communities of faith. This will include, of course, the formal denominational partners who started our hospitals. It will also engage those in institutions that are generative today but almost entirely excluded from or absent from that process 100 years ago; these include the many powerful Black institutions, and the generative networks of other groups (for example, YMCA) with key roles in the country.

Most members of Stakeholder are faith-based institutions, so we will speak in our natural language, including Spirit, without apology.

There is no cost to attend the meeting. The real cost will come from what you do with the learnings and partnerships—that could be a lot.

Space is limited, so an early RSVP will be required. First claim on the space will be the faith partners of Stakeholder Health, but we anticipate protecting room for others who share the sense of purpose.

This event is for you if you have been part of the collaborative learning process of Stakeholder Health as we have come to discern what is now possible. And it is for you if you are in a position of influence within the communities of faith who share that mission. It is also for you, if you are one of the public partners in government or philanthropy who have passion for those possibilities.

A full agenda and details about arrangements will be coming shortly. Meanwhile, save the date: September 5 and 6, 2017.

Questions? Please contact Gary Gunderson or Teresa Cutts.



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