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Faith-Inspired Health Conference, Howard U.

Faith-Inspired Health Conference

Howard University, Washington, D.C.
September 5-6, 2017

People from across the country converged at Howard University on September 5 and 6 for a series of presentations and conversations around the theme: Faith-Inspired Health: Reason, Risk & Responsibility. The meeting took place in the Blackburn University Center as students outside the doors went about their busy academic lives. Thanks, Howard University and Howard University Hospital for being such gracious hosts!

Conference Proceedings: Faith‐Inspired Health: Reason, Risk and Responsibility. Click Here.



Click at the end of each presentation to see the PowerPoint pdf.

Mission, Faith, and Community: How the Past Helps Us Imagine the Future, Jerry Winslow. Click Here.

Navigating for Health. Nancy Combs, MA & Nada Dickinson, Click Here.

Community Asset Mapping: Integrating and Engaging Faith Community and Health Systems. Teresa Cutts, PhD. Click Here.

Integrating Care to Improve Health Outcomes: Trauma, Resilience and Mental Health. Kirsten Peachey. Click Here.

Hope and Healing: Faith and Community Organizations Respond to the Opioid Crisis. Heidi Christensen. Click Here.