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You can now get all of the chapters (and more) from our new book!! All of Stakeholder Health: Insights from New Systems of Health are available as pdf’s for your reading pleasure!

Simply go HERE and follow the simple instructions.

SH book cover

Table of Contents

Preface Letter

1.  Introduction

2.  Systems Thinking Approach to the Social Determinants of Health

3.  Accountable Lives: Leading Complex Health Structures

4.  Optimizing the Patient Encounter: Relational Technology that Integrates Social and Spiritual Domains into the Electronic Health Record

5.  Navigating for Health

6.  Community Asset Mapping: Integrating and Engaging Community and Health Systems

7.  Integrating Care to Improve Health Outcomes: Trauma, Resilience and Mental Health

8.  Financial Accounting that Produces Health

9.  Philanthropy, Health Systems and Community Health Improvement

10 Global Dynamics at Home

11.  Mission and the Heart of Healthy Communities

Appendix 1 — Stakeholder Health: Our Story

Appendix 2 — Population Health Screening Tools

Appendix 3 — Updates from the Field

Appendix 4 — Mission and Vision Statements

Stakeholder Health: Insights from New Systems of Health, developed with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a rich and detailed review of some of the best practices in the areas of community health improvement, as well as clinical and community partnerships, spanning 11 chapters. The chapters range from a crisp review of the social determinants or drivers of health to leadership for new partnerships between health systems and communities, relational information technology, community health navigation, financial aspects of partnering with community in a new “social return on investment” model, leadership, implementing resiliency models integrated across hospitals and the broader community.

Stakeholder Health is a learning collaboration of over 50 health systems and other partners.

Happy Reading!


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