10 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Healthcare Access

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1. Transportation

Hospitals and other groups have developed a myriad of ways to get people where they need to be when they need to be there.

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2. Food

To promote health through better eating, hospitals can start inside their own walls and quickly join forces with healthy food efforts in their communities.

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3. Mental Health

Removing the barriers to mental health access is key to reaching the millions of Americans who are affected by mental illness every year.

4. Community Partnerships

Includes asset mapping. Create partnerships to inmprove healthcare access.

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5. Access for Special Populations

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6. FaithHealth Model

It takes all kinds of folks to do the work of FaithHealth, to help bring health to the most vulnerable people.

7. Map Your Own Community Assets

Don’t start with needs, start with assets. The answer to what you community needs is what your community already has!

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8. Going Beyond IRS Compliance

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9. Community Investment

Mobilizing healthcare treasury investment to improve health

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10. Join the Stakeholder Conversation!

The best work is done by those who find joy and meaning in building systems that provide mercy and justice. Stakeholder Health is that community. join with us!

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