Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge

healthy food hospital pledge

Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge


By Molly Miller

The Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge (HFHC) outlines steps that health care providers can take in order to improve the health of their communities by helping patients better manage chronic diseases. Hospitals that sign the HFHC Pledge agree to the following:

  • Increase the offering of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy foods within the hospital’s walls.
  • Take steps to identify and adopt sustainable food procurement options, including food from local sources.
  • Work with community stakeholders to increase the availability of fresh, local produce in the community surrounding the hospital.
  • Encourage food providers to provide the hospital with environmentally friendly and sustainable food products.
  • Request information from the hospital’s Group Purchasing Organizations about the sources of food being purchased for use within the hospital.
  • Develop programs that engage with local farmers and food producers.
  • Educate patients and the surrounding community about nutritionally sound, socially just, and ecologically sustainable food practices.
  • Minimize or reuse food waste.
  • Report annually on HFHC Pledge implementation.

Stakeholder Health is proud to work with a growing number of hospitals and health care systems that have already committed to the HFHC Pledge, including: