New Book: Embedded First Responder Chaplaincy

Jun 24, 2022 | Embedded First Responder Chaplaincy, Stakeholder Press | 0 comments


A new book from Stakeholder Press

By Glenn Davis and Teresa Cutts

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By Gary Gunderson

First Responders are often the only ones to respond to the faint pleas for mercy. They answer the phone, rush to the site of some stranger’s worst nightmare—an overdose, the couple fighting, the kid and motorcycle on the pavement. All the while, they live in the space in between cultures in conflict. The most tense standoffs and protests have somebody in uniform standing in the gap, catching grief from both sides.

How do they do it? And who cares for them? Over the past five years Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health has quietly figured out a way to help. We created a team of full-time board certified chaplains entirely embedded in our local city and county first responder networks. Glenn Davis did this for more than a quarter century as a team of one in the Sheriff’s office, but joined our FaithHealth Division to build a more sustainable model.

Glenn and team have built a web of smart care that is keeping first responders alive and fit for duty, weaving a powerful web of practical trust among the crucial agencies. And expressing the highest art of chaplaincy in the most difficult and exposed places. Glenn’s team doesn’t wait at the hospital for the ambulance—they are there on the scene, often delivering a death notice to a family in the middle of the night.

This story is now told in brilliant technical detail that makes the way clear for others to follow in a new book by Glenn Davis and Dr. Teresa Cutts. It is not easy reading as there are more than two dozen case studies showing the art and craft of this radical model of chaplaincy. This work is not for the normal chaplain or pastor or layperson. But it is exactly what some have been waiting for to give their lives to care for those who risk theirs every day.



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