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FORUM:  Designing “Outside In” Health IT Measurement Frameworks

December 18, 2014.  View presentation slides here.

Is it possible the IT world doesn’t know what the new health system will need to accelerate and improve the implementation of the ensemble of practices identified through Stakeholder Health? On December 18, 2014, Stakeholder Health convened a Forum that highlighted the latest IT discussions of the Stakeholder Health working group.  The discussions focused on developing a set of specifications for technology that can actualize the vision of Stakeholder Health—an “outside in” IT measurement framework design that will support the person’s journey of health as he/she touches the hospital or ambulatory care settings versus the usual ”inside the hospital” episodic tracking tied to reimbursement structures. The presentation and discussion was led by Dora Barilla, Loma Linda University Health and Eileen Barsi, Dignity Health.

Guest presenter Melissa Eng-Wong, Program Associate at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, also briefed the Stakeholder Health community on Data for Health, a new initiative that seeks to discern community priorities for using Health IT to build a culture of health.

FORUM:  CDC Community Health Improvement (CHI) Technical Package

December 2014.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is developing a unifying framework for aligning not-for-profit community health needs assessments with other public health and community health improvement plans. This framework will include evidence-based interventions, tools and resources to help communities achieve greatest health impact, reduce health disparities, and align resources to support reinvestment of savings in prevention.  A key element of this technical package‎ will be a query-able data base that presents suggested evidence-based interventions that will permit communities to select activities that match their needs and resources. CDC staff previewed and reviewed these products, to be released later this year.

Memphis Adaptation Seminar: Congregational Health Network. September 11-12., Memphis, TN. The CHN is a partnership between Methodist Healthcare, 500+ congregations and other health community entities that addresses health issues by increasing the congregation’s and the hospital’s ability to care for their members and the surrounding community. The 1½-day seminar includes sharing and discussion about the CHN including sessions with pastors, liaisons, navigators, project managers. Program materials are liberally shared for participants to take back and adapt in their own community health context.