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Check out some of the best media coverage on Stakeholder Health partners!


  Salon Methodist Healthcare Memphis


It’s challenging to convince national media of the importance of healthcare impact resulting from neighborhood + faith and health partnerships, but this writer moved on a hunch to go deeper and presents a convincing article on the impact of the Congregational Health Network in Memphis focusing on its impressive results that are both tangible and immeasurable. In a place like Memphis, where racial disparity runs deep and trust in the medical establishment has been shallow, this faith and health model has given stakeholders a new language with which to explore the meaning of public health. CLICK HERE FOR LINK.

New Yorker Hotspotters

New Yorker writer Atul Gawande reports on the work of Dr. Jeffery Brenner in Camden, N.J., who actually seeks out the community’s sickest — and most expensive — patients. Brenner was a front runner in the idea of mapping out “hot spots” of the impoverished city’s high-cost patients. By targeting unique care — including home visits and social workers — at the city’s most costly patients, he developed a program that he argues has both lowered health care costs and provided better care in Camden. This “disruptive care” model is one worth following. CLICK HERE FOR LINK.

More Stakeholder Health Partners  in the News

In South Jersey, New Options for Primary Care are Slow to Take Hold, April 2013 NPR story on Camden Coalition’s hot-spotting and health data detectives.

Adventist Health, Florida, place-based work which is building strong community and business partnerships –in the Orlando Sentinel and in New Public Health

Gary Gunderson on the Health Systems Learning Group, a.k.a. Stakeholder Health, interviewed by New Public Health.