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I’m inviting Stakeholder Health colleagues who represent hospitals and health systems to participate in a campaign we are leading with The Governance Institute, called One Impact. The purpose is to more effectively capture the commitments of leading edge healthcare organizations that focus in one way or another on improving financial health in their communities. The One Impact program will both raise the profile of the positive contributions of hospitals and build support for broader engagement across sectors.

As we proceed in the wake of the COVID pandemic, we understand that our hospitals and health systems across the country are faced with unprecedented challenges, and that filling out a lengthy survey instrument is not a top priority. In recognition of these practical realities, below is a link to a very short survey instrument with a set of “check the box” questions that should take no more than 5–10 minutes to complete.

We will then reach out directly to those engaged in this work to schedule a brief key informant interview to flesh out details that are not captured in the instrument.  While this is a national study, we plan to compile Stakeholder Health specific findings to assess and compare our relative accomplishments with findings from the broader study, convene at least one group engagement to discuss our findings, and to potentially publish those findings for the field.

Thank you in advance for completing this short survey. I’m sure we share the commitment to better inform that larger field on the important work supported by our hospitals and health systems in these challenging times!

Kevin Barnett, Dr.P.H., M.C.P.
Executive Director, Center to Advance Community Health and Equity
Public Health Institute
In partnership with The Governance Institute and Stakeholder Health


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