One Impact to Focus on Financial Health in Communities

Dec 27, 2022 | Community Investment | 0 comments

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From Kevin Barnett, Public Health Institute

I’m writing to share with you a new campaign I am working on with The Governance Institute and ProMedica, called One Impact. The focus is on actions taken by hospitals and health systems to improve financial health in their communities.  It is a significant opportunity to highlight the leading edge work of Stakeholder Health friends and to share lessons learned in their work to improve financial health in their communities.

There is a lot of noise in our industry about social determinants of health (SDoH) and how to address them, but we have found gaps:

  • Most efforts are diluted and dispersed across too many SDoH at once, minimizing achievement of measurable outcomes or lowering the bar for what can be achieved.
  • Concerns about IRS scrutiny in efforts focusing beyond traditional health sector interventions leads many to not report immensely important and innovative work.
  • The lack of clear public reporting undermines the potential to build alliances across sector and competitive lines to scale and/or build more comprehensive strategies with greater potential to produce measurable impacts.
  • There is very little information publicly available about the specific roles of boards and senior leaders in advancing successful SDoH programs.

The aims of One Impact are to systematically document programs that work; develop specific action steps for boards and senior leaders to remove barriers to collaborative action, accelerate progress; integrate SDoH efforts into strategic planning, culture, and the core of the hospital and health care business model; and create the conditions for competitors link arms in the advocacy space to shape policy and payment models, especially at the regional and local levels.

Stakeholder Health friends, click on the link above to learn more about this campaign and we would like very much to have your participation in our survey. In many cases, we’ll want to follow up with a key informant interview to fill in any gaps in program elements and leadership actions.

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