Opioid Epidemic Toolkit for Faith & Community Leaders

Oct 16, 2017 | Community Health, Events, Health Resources, population health | 0 comments

From our friends at the Partnership Center:

Hope In Action: An Overview of the Practical Toolkit for Faith and Community Leaders in the Face of the Opioid Epidemic


Oct. 18, 2017, 12 Noon to 1 p.m. EDT, Register Here


Did you know that more than 91 Americans die after overdosing on opioids every single day? 

As one mother said, “I think people need to know that this isn’t some homeless person who’s in the alley using drugs,” she said. “These are our children. They are all loved by somebody.” 

Sadly, the numbers have been exponentially increasing with each passing year, leaving no community unscathed.

That’s why we encourage you to join us this Wednesday, as we start to talk through The Partnership Center’s new Practical Toolkit.

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