Stakeholder Health Podcast

Welcome to the Stakeholder Health podcast. Stakeholder Health is a movement of people in healthcare systems, along with others, who are learning to cross the sidewalks around their hospitals in order to share in the life of their communities.

Your hosts are Dora Barilla of Providence St. Joseph Health and Gary Gunderson at Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health. Dora and Gary take turns interviewing leaders you’ll want to hear from. Click on the episodes below. Or follow Stakeholder Health on your favorite podcast directory, such as iTunes or Stitcher.

Podcast 30 Scott Reiner

Podcast 29 Phillip Summers – driving the bus 3

Podcast 28 Phillip Summers — driving the bus 2

Podcast 27 Kimberlydawn Wisdom & Lauren Gunderson

Podcast 26 Soma Saha & Lauren Gunderson

Podcast 25 Leah McCall Devlin & Lauren Gunderson

Podcast 24 Lauren Gunderson and Scott Burris

Podcast 23 Lauren Gunderson & Gene Matthews

Podcast 22 Stuart Butler, the Brookings Institution

Podcast 21 Maria Hernandez

Podcast 20 Tony Beltran

Podcast 19 Phillip Summers

Podcast 18 Maureen Kersmarki

Podcast 17: Neal Halfon

Podcast 16: Tyler Norris

Podcast 15: Larry McEvoy

Podcast 14: Soma Stout

Podcast 13: Sanne Magnan

Podcast 12: Gerry Winslow

Podcast 11: Arvind Singhal on Positive Deviance

Podcast 10, Road Trip: Teresa Cutts and Gary Gunderson with Dora Barilla

Podcast 9, Lauran Hardin, National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs

Podcast 8, Doug Easterling — Getting to the heart of community health

SH Podcast Episode 7, Rishi Manchanda of HealthBegins

SH Podcast 6, Kevin Barnett, Public Health Institute

SH Podcast Episode 5, Dora Barilla & Gary Gunderson

SH Podcast Episode 4, Pablo Bravo Vial

SH Podcast Episode 3, Rhonda Medows

SH Podcast, Episode 2. Bobby Milstein

SH Podcast, Episode 1. Sister Susanne Hartung