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Public Health Law Academy: Free, on-demand training

Marice Ashe has announced that ChangeLab Solutions is partnering with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to launch the Public Health Law Academy, a free online, on-demand training resource for public health professionals at local, state, and federal levels.

“Resolving public health challenges almost always requires a legal or policy strategy as part of the solution,” said Ashe, ChangeLab’s CEO. “Public health professionals need a solid understanding of the basics of our legal system and the role it plays in improving overall population health.”

 By taking these courses, public health practitioners can take their professional practice to the next level and maximize their ability to build stronger, healthier, more equitable communities for all.”

The program’s website points out that these trainings “can also be used by other professionals, such as public health lawyers, public health nurses, public health educators, public health advocates, and public health faculty and students in graduate and undergraduate university programs.”

Public Health Academy offers three types of courses:

Introduction to Public Health Law

  • Public Health Law: Past & Present
  • Preemption & Public Health
  • Structure of Government: Exploring the Fabric & Framework of Public Health Powers

Hot Topics in Public Health Law  

  • Public Health Threats & the US Constitution: What Responders Need to Know
  • Legal & Policy Approaches to Reducing Prescription Drug Overdose
  • Your Guide to Pharmacy Collaborative Practice Agreements (Spring 2018)

Legal Epidemiology Overview  

  • Introduction to Legal Epidemiology (Fall 2017)
  • Legal Mapping (Fall 2017)
  • Evaluation (Winter 2018)

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