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Loma Linda University Health Opens Doors to Opportunity for San Bernardino’s Underserved

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Along with delivering world-class health care, San Bernardino, California’s, Loma Linda University Health is also in the transformation business: one underserved, local, minority individual at a time. And it’s a transformation that benefits not only the person but also the city….  (click to continue)

The experiment in hope is paying off…

Mohamed Jawara: The New Face of Health Care

 After immigrating to the U.S. from Sierra Leone as a 12-year-old, he attended five middle schools in three years…


Damaris Govea: San Manuel Gateway College Opens Door to Hope

 One day Damaris decided to change everything. San Manuel Gateway College was her open door to hope…


Isabella Mendoza

Isabella Mendoza: Finding Her Voice — and her purpose

The aha! moment came when she first heard about social determinants and public health as a high schooler in the Discovery and Transitions to Success programs.





Recent graduates from Loma Linda’s San Manuel Gateway College share their stories of perseverance and hope as they set sights on enacting positive change in their communities.

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