See2See Road Trip & 100 Million Healthier Lives House Meetings

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By Gary Gunderson

You can learn a lot when talking across someone’s kitchen table. Especially when the table is on wheels moving at 65 miles an hour across Texas. (Maybe you can join us for stretch of highway!)

This is why Stakeholder Health and 100 Million Healthier Lives  are collaborating to do something preposterous and obvious—talk about what matters most at a time when so many are shouting at each other. Stakeholder Health’s See2See Road Trip leaves San Diego November 11, winding our way across 3,100 miles to Raleigh on the 27thand, finally, Wilmington, North Carolina. Meanwhile, 100 Million Healthier Lives is sparking a massive number of house meetings this month and all of November, no small number of those along our winding path.

You can sign up here (Pledge Here) to participate in the 100 Million Lives movement. Mention that you’d like to be included in the See2See Road Trip and we’ll stop by. We’ll bring potato chips. Heck, we might even do laundry while the coffee is brewing!

But mostly we want to listen. What do we want to listen for?

  • How our communities can move toward healing. We’re especially interested in learning about the huge array of new roles emerging, some paid, some un in which we are doing the daily work of healing. What is the work?
  • How are moving toward what many call equity? Maybe Shalom. Salaam. Maybe mercy, fairness, kindness. How do you see the pathway in your local life?
  • Where are people finding how to work together in public? Many communities are behaving in new and more collaborative ways, even as our national discourse goes down the toilet. How exactly are we grown-ups learning to work together?
  • Where are the “communities of spirit” finding their Way as the wind in the wings of healing? We know what religion looks like doing dumb and mean things. Where is working in the way that gives God some credibility? How is thathappening?

I work for a hospital, as do most of Stakeholder Health’s friends. It’s a big circle, but not nearly enough. 100 Million Healthier Lives casts a much larger net; good friends for a long journey. We already work together in a very cool movement taking root in healthcare circles, Pathways to Population Health. This is even bigger than that. It’s about you and the community you think about.

One house we’re meeting in for sure is the house of the Lord on the campus of Shaw University, Tuesday, November 27th. We’ll be blending the hearts and minds of Dr. John Hatch, the genius who invented the first Community Health Center more than 5 decades ago and Dr. William Barber whose preaching and organizing genius was recognized yesterday by the McArthur Foundation. They will help us see the whole journey and weave the many threads of conversation together, including the intelligence you bring to the place you love most.

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  1. Arthur Turovh Himmelman

    Hi Gary –

    Obviously, 100 MHL is very active. I am also interested in what evaluations are showing about the degree to which, and in what ways, 100 MHL’s is achieving its goals and objectives. Can you direct me to this information?

    Be well,



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