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Want to Change the World?

Accelerate Your Nonprofit or Cause

By Tom Peterson



Embedded First Responder Chaplaincy

Caring for our Most Valuable and Vulnerable Public Servants

By Glenn Davis and Teresa Cutts



God and the People: Prayers for a Newer New Awakening

By Gary Gunderson




Speak Life

Crafting Mercy in a Hard-Hearted Time

By Gary Gunderson


See2See Road Trip "Inland Sea"

By Teresa Cutts and Gary Gunderson



See2See Road Trip

By Teresa Cutts, Gary R. Gunderson, James R. Cochrane



Blindspot City: The Bus and Community Health

By Phillip Summers

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  • fuel practical knowledge, skills, and courage to help people advance their urgent causes
  • are written thoughtfully and generously
  • are for the world, present and future