Texas Faith & Health Summit — Houston, April 2-4

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The Center for Leadership in Public Theology at Houston Graduate School of Theology presents

Texas Faith & Health Summit: The Beloved Community of Health

April 2-4, 2018

Willow Meadows Baptist Church
4300 West Bellfort, Houston, Texas


Ge to the WEBSITE HERE to learn more.

The Summit. The Texas Faith and Health Summit is a three-day, statewide event with national significance. Faith, healthcare, and public health leaders will gather in Texas to share best practices; discuss current trends and innovations in faith-based population health and health equity.

Collaboration. A key objective of the Texas Faith and Health Summit is to develop or deepen collaborations among healthcare systems, public health departments, congregations, and faith-based organizations in order to foster regional conversation about faith and population health and health equity.

Health system without walls. The Texas Faith and Health Summit will increase awareness to the potential and actual role of faith communities in transforming our current failed healthcare system into a health system without walls or barriers, advancing good health for all.

Shalomalization. Only in a Beloved Community can we have a healthy community. Population Health and Health Equity, require a Universal Love Ethic or Shalom, which is, in essence, God’s intention for Creation. The Faith and Health Movement is about Shalomalization, the global spread of Shalom to create the Beloved Community.

For information, contact Fred Smith. 713-942-9505 ext. 212



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