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The Movement

“We’re changing the center of gravity from the hospital to the home and the community.” —Henry Ford Health System CEO Nancy Schlichting

“We see  the social complexity of patients as an asset, not just a problem; the community as relevant partners, not just needs; and the money needed to address the issues is money already being spent—on less effective charity care.”  —Maureen Kersmarki of Adventist Health System in Orlando, Florida

What is the Stakeholder Health Movement?

stakeholder health

Stakeholder Health is a voluntary movement of people working within hospital health systems who see in the current policy environment the opportunity to address the underlying causes of poor health in their communities by strategically shifting existing resources and partnering with diverse stakeholders.

The movement aspires to identify and activate a menu of proven community health practices and partnerships that work from the top of the mission statement to the bottom line.

Strategic Investment

Integrating Care

Transformative Partnerships

Mapping Health Assets

This website is a communal space, a communications hub for those actively engaged in the movement—a portal to turn things upside down, inside out, and to shout out the good news of what’s working out in the field—and challenge what’s not.

It’s a platform for early adopters to contribute to each other’s learning—in an open and transparent way that will move the needle on population health as others tap the wisdom and begin to contribute their efforts.

The Stakeholder Health movement is not one practice or innovation. It is something more fundamental. The belief that decent, efficient, and effective health care is possible, if we join partners at community scale. This calls for operational changes that align with the profound changes occurring in all aspects in the provision of health care and partnering with diverse stakeholders in our communities to address the underlying causes of health problems.