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Strategic Investment

Good leadership of out organizations requires ongoing attention to return on investment (ROI); in the delivery of health care services, internal investments in infrastructure and expertise, and in broader external resource allocations that help to create the condition for longer term benefit. While the use of traditional ROI models to evaluate the impact of clinical interventions may be appropriate, they are not readily applicable to evaluating our investments in comprehensive approaches to community health improvement.

The ACA goals to improve access, improve quality, and reduce costs can only be achieved through shared ownership for health among hospitals, providers, and the full spectrum of stakeholders and sectors, Together, we must build a balanced portfolio of investments that views health in a broader context, one where equity in opportunity, the quality of living conditions, and meeting basic needs is understood to be fundamental to optimal health. This approach aligns well with the longstanding missions of not-for-profit hospital systems, and pushes us to extend our thinking beyond ROI to social returns on investment (SROI).