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Transformative Partnership

Transformative Partnership

Transformative community partnerships embrace—yet move beyond—public relations, outreach, community development, and the traditional collection of community benefit activities. A transformative partnership:

  1. Provides a level playing field where all participants are open to learning from one another and recognize the strengths and assets each partner brings to the table. The hospital may not always take the lead.
  2. Can be replicated, with demonstrated outcomes that can be taken to scale, and metrics agreed upon from the start by all partners.
  3. May often leverage the sophisticated tools of marketing, planning, research, health promotion, and care management that health systems already have, but sift focus to populations that may not have been the target of previous efforts.

As opposed to episodic, event-oriented outreach this is an ongoing community engagement. It works in concert with clinical frameworks—such as disease management and patient-focused medical homes—to build the critical mass needed to bring about meaningful, measurable health improvement for individuals, communities, and the health system’s bottom line.

The Stakeholder Health partnership sees promise where others may see only problems: the complexity of the causal factors in community health presents us wit ha rich tapestry of potential partners to improve health. At the core is the recognition among partners that in order to transform our communities, we must transform ourselves.