Video: Horst Kleinschmidt, Inequity to Equity Part Duex

Sep 4, 2020 | Leading Causes of Life, Positive Deviance | 0 comments

Inequity to Equity Part Duex: The Leading Causes of Life & Positive Deviance Approach. Produced by Arvind Singhal & Chris Telles

This video features the Pathfinder Interview II with Horst Kleinschmidt, with responses from Evance Kalula and Eva Moya… plus great shorter snippets from:

  • Arvind Singhal on Pilgrimage to Sites of Subjugation
  • Jeremy Moseley on Sir Francis Galton and eugenics
  • And contributions from Naiema Taliep, Jerry Winslow and Gary Gunderson

Other Video in this series:

From Inequity to Equity: Leading Causes of Life & Positive Deviance

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